At 8am today someone poisons the coffee.

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I’m pretty sure the WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY shipped these two okay.

Ultimate level of shipping.

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  • Sirius: *holding baby harry*
  • Sirius: Aren't you a tiny little pup
  • James: That's a baby, Padfoot
  • Sirius: I know, that's what I said
  • James: A human baby

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Bitch, dont you “previously on…” me. I have been watching this show for 5 hours. I know what happened.

100/100 photos of sarah michelle gellar

100/100 photos of sarah michelle gellar


James and Lily on their first date and Lily can’t seem to understand why James gets pissed off when he sees a black stray dog sitting outside ‘The Three Broomsticks’ wagging his tail.

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some muggleborn like “i want to be an astronaut when i grow up!”

wizard kids like “wtf is an astronaut”

"oh you know…the people who go to the moon"


My favorite thing about this show is that they portray straight people as obnoxiously ignorant about sexuality as they actually are in real life.

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